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The Patriarch

The Patriarch

Portrait of an alpha male Lion-Tailed Macaque (LTM). The LTM is a primate that is confined to the tiny, isolated pockets of tropical rain forests in the Western Ghats mountains. They have soft, glossy black fur and grey manes similar to those of male lions. It gets its name from its tail, which has a tuft of fur at the end, just like a lion's tail. Unfortunately, like the lion, it is also in danger of extinction. They live in groups of 10 to 30 with 1 dominant male leading the entire troop.

Image Information

Aperture f/5.6

Shutter Speed1/30


Exposure Bias0.00

Focal Length300mm

Date taken15/04/2017 06:42

Date modified 11/01/2018 23:20